SUV Crisis (The Daily Mail)

They’re heading for the tunnel

They don’t know when they’ll be back

They are lost on the M20…. in “operation stack”

Those migrant camps of SUV’s deprived of life’s necessities

The Mail it screams “IT CANNOT BE?

Just look at this poor family

They REALLY REALLY need a wee

The i-pad‘s out of charge and the kids are getting cranky

Its a crisis we can all relate

A traffic jam when we choose to migrate

A holiday starting ONE DAY LATE

They wait and wait and wait and wait and wait

to leave this fetid swamp of hate

To le shuttle

From le shit hole

Through Trou de cul

La Channel Tunnel

To that welcome land where they are free

That poolside villa in Tuscany

You have our prayers and sympathies

(You booked it all Air B&B)

You wretched,



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