You’ll never see a beggar in the Trafford Centre

you’ll never see a beggar in the Trafford Centre you’ll never see a pigeon pecking on vomit you’re guaranteed the weather in the Trafford Centre Cos Its safe and secure and that’s just how we want it . But I see, The Stepford lives of Stretford lads with overbearing Stretford Dads the boy’s too scared … More You’ll never see a beggar in the Trafford Centre

First World News

The following images may cause distress but we’ll show you repeatedly in the public interest we dont know the why, the wherefore and how and if you dont know the score then I’d look away now we see it on Sky – BBC – Channel 5 its raw its relentless and its……..LIVE LIVE LIVE no … More First World News

I love IKEA

Ikea ikea I Know     Every        Aisle Ikea ikea Your resistance is futile Ikea ikea You think you’ve got style? When it’s got its own pile at the local tip And you don’t know if you’ve got wood or recycled plastic I sheepishly shuffle with my hangover hard on Which like a krokig clothes … More I love IKEA

Mrs Woman

Urmston’s elderly no longer die They just malaise in a haze of dementia-ridden daze Live their final phase in a child like old age of indecipherable nights and days They don’t die They’re just frozen in time Their decline is akin to a drawer of old watches Doomed to progress through diminishing sized boxes Our … More Mrs Woman

1745 ex Oxford Road

Is it cancelled or late? Passengers wait Amid rattling fast freight They shuffle and ruminate And then it arrives and Christ what a state! Packed at Oxford Road so no chance at Deansgate Spiteful passengers gnaw like a tumour On the blameless guard and his famous scouse humour


There  their  they’re Britain is broken beyond repair Share, retweet, cut and paste if you dare Their stealing our voice, There thieving our words, Their taking the Islam and grooming our birds There taking the pension we earned in the war their feeding my family with sharia law You should put Britain first or you … More BRITAIN FIRST