First World News

The following images may cause distress

but we’ll show you repeatedly in the public interest

we dont know the why, the wherefore and how

and if you dont know the score then I’d look away now

we see it on Sky – BBC – Channel 5

its raw its relentless and its……..LIVE LIVE LIVE

no time for reflection (or) recourse to the facts

We digest the impacts of catastrophic events, uncensored yet depressingly unmoved or surprised, to be SO horrified on facebook yet strangely desensitised

Yet its not the blood and bullets – The fanatical hate

its the relatives stood at the arrivals gate

where they wait to be told that “delayed” means lost

as a plane descends into panic stricken chaos

A loss so public it smells like sushi

in waves of raw grief and issey miyake

we see repatriated bodies in refrigerated lorries

delivered to the mortuary like cheap packaged sausages

The blood stained promenades with hand drawn hearts

Are like sickeningly beautiful pavement art

The phone left ringing until it goes dead
the black box recorder on a dark sea bed

the preceding tranquility on cctv

left shattered by gut wrenching tragedy

we see the trainers and toys washed up by the sea

more poignant than corpses of bloated indignity

The sad beacons of hope from a dead personality

Too much information but is it enough?

We’re empowered to protest but not compelled to explain, why our secular lives empathise with this pain – its a gig, its a meal, we dont expect to get slain

the Daily Express tells us who is to blame

SKY news decides on the value of lives, it makes us complicit in Murdoch’s lies

But then a tearful emoji 😢😢😢

Is what holds sway, when the gospel of facebook invites us to pray

To that ethereal omnipotent tax dodge deity

With its futile hypocrisy of some Orwellian oratory, behind which the moral majority can hide and relate and then verbatim restate

And pray for “any given city” in their latest Facebook update

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