England are out thank god I’m a manc


England are out and oh heaven forfend

The world just found out that we couldn’t defend

The world just found out that we’re hopeless with Roy

And Raheem’s no messiah

He’s a very naughty boy

And things are no better on BBC

With the narcissist Lineker and Thierry Henry

Who’d win the world cup of “I love me”

at least they’re not working for ITV

Who really should not even be there at all

They should be tried in the Hague for crimes against football

With Adrian Chiles there to make your flesh crawl

Conveniently forgetting why Hoddle was mothballed

They give us the adverts for crisps and shampoo

Which is all very well till we fail to get through

Then the product is a by-word for not good enough

As a nation says “Fuck it I’d rather have dandruff”

There’s no celebration

No qualification

Just the physio’s ankle dislocation

So England are out

And we have Roy to thank

But never mind that

Thank god I’m a MANC



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