Sydney was a seagull

But he’d never seen the sea

He lived a hundred miles away

At a grey food factory

And you might ask “how could it be?”

“A seagull that’s never seen the sea”

Now that really would be silly!

But not so silly as it seems

As seagulls have a taste

For making homes within our towns

And eating what we waste.

They played on tips and swooped in skips

To feed on frozen fish and chips

But Sydney longed to wheel and soar

Above the waves and sandy shore….

And catch fish of his own.


He felt as if he didn’t belong

He asked his Grandpa why

That he should want to leave his home

To spread his wings and fly?
His Grandpa was a wise old bird

Who’d travelled far and wide.

He’d followed trawlers out to sea

And come home with the tide.


“The factory is your home” he said,

“it’s everything you know”

“But if it is your destiny, you really ought to go”


“Grandpa, please come with me, as I don’t know the way”

“I’m far too old” his Grandpa said

“but listen to what I say…….


“Follow the sun as far as you can

To the West where the sky meets the ground”

“But if there’s no sun then follow the van,

On it’s daily delivery round”


So Sydney woke upon first light,

As his family soundly slept.

His roost was warm and comfortable,

And outside it was grey and wet.


He patiently circled the factory yard

As the workers arrived for their shift.

And the driver sat and drank his tea

As his van was filled with a forklift.

And when the van began it’s round

With Sydney high above,

He left the factory far behind

With everything he loved.


On multiple drops at markets and shops

The van left frozen meals in a box.

And whilst it was stopped in a busy high street

Sydney flew down and perched on a seat.


“And Whooo are youuu?”

Said a pigeon with a coo.

“This is my bench and my bread too”


“I’m Sydney the seagull, i’m off to the coast,

It’s where I belong, it’s what I want most”


“Rubbish!” said the pigeon

“I’m not one to boast,

But scavenging food is what I do best,

Just hanging around and being a pest,

And that’s how it’s been since I hatched in the nest”

“I know who I am and I know my flock,

And I love my roost on the town hall clock”


The van door slammed and the engine began,

as the birds all scattered as one.

“Wait” said Sydney, “I don’t understand?”

But the pigeon had already gone


The van continued on its way,

With Sydney flying high

And as they reached the motorway

The sun was in the sky.


Progress was slow

Start … Stop …. And go,

Endless cones and contraflow

Then losing the van in the bright orange glow

Sydney flew down and spied an old crow

… a service station car park.


“How far to go?”

Said Sydney to crow.

He hopped on one leg and cawed “I don’t know”

“but i’ll bet my beak that you’re on the right road,

For everyone seems to be heading this way

When they’re going on their holiday.”

“and when all the families are in a good mood

They let me hop over and share their food.

I have all I want, so i’m happy to stay

In this car park by the motorway.”


And then it was time to say goodbye

So Sydney spread his wings to fly

And as he did the sun sank low

In the deep red coastal sky.


“Follow the sun” his Grandpa had said

At last it all made sense

“but if you prefer you could just follow me”

Screamed a seagull perched on a fence.


The seagull leaned back and let out a shriek

And four other seagulls joined in.

Each was a brute with a big sharp beak

And they made an almighty din.


“I’m Sydney” he said “and my dearest wish

Is to be a real seagull and catch real fish”

“I’m sorry young gull but our favourite dish

Is served on a tray with a portion of chips

Not following nets on smelly old ships.

Or following lorries to smelly old tips

But we could come with you if you wish

And help you catch your very own fish.”


So Sydney followed his new found friends

To a beautiful moonlit sea.

It felt so very far away from the grey food factory.

He swooped and swerved within the surf

He caught a fish and proved his worth

And joining the gulls at the end of the pier

He couldn’t believe he was finally here.

So he stayed a few days and he stayed few nights

Saw a few seagull squabbles
And a few seagull fights

He watched the gulls as they circled the Sand

Taking pasties And ice cream from unwitting hands

At Sydney felt happy and then he felt glad

But gradually Sydney just felt sad.

He thought of his grandpa and learning to fly

He thought of his mummy and started to cry

He thought of the pigeon, the seagull and the crow.

He thought of the one thing they all seemed to know.

It’s not about the place you live or where you’d like to be

It’s all about just thinking that “I’m happy to be me”
And remembering the factory, his family and his friends

Sydney realised sometimes that it’s better to pretend.

One day he’d be a “seagull” but for now he’d rather play

And maybe come back next year on a seaside holiday.



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