#UKIP guy (a riposte)

The man from UKIP

He said “no”

Felt a twitch in arse and decided to go

Stood up from his seat

And then flounced stage right

Returned like a mad man spoiling for a fight

He said my views were deeply offensive

He mustard cords looked deeply expensive

It got me thinking…

Are you a dick?

What are your motives?

And what makes you tick?

You’re fully entitled to make me think

To piss your pants

To spill your drink

You’re fully entitled to dismiss what I say

Just like you’re allowed to blame flooding on “gays”


I imagine your story

Try to guess who you are

I personify your actions whilst driving a car…


To be first in the queue

For you its all about race

As you check your mirror and see Clarkson’s sex face

You sit leather gloved as if waiting for a flag

Like some purple veined bell end in a Champagne Jag

With your royalist precipitation obsessed Right wing rag

Your view of the world is spiteful and sad

A utopian world of white middle age

With lefties provoking incandescent rage

A world that won’t tolerate or place value in change

A world with a pension the size of your prostate

A crow on the corpse of the welfare state

It makes me angry and that is your right

If it’s “je suis Charlie”

Then you talk shite

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