The wait of anxiety (sic)

I’m a slave to the blues and have always been that way

I can count down the minutes of a happy holiday

I can sink a child’s party with hopeless anxiety

And a simmering resentment for mainstream society

“I had time, now doth time waste me”

Like a Shakespearean soliloquy but a little less twee

My days tend to start with “oh no” or “fuck me”

In whatever time or place that may be

Take waking a four and with each passing train

Just waiting all weekend for Monday again

Taking solace in the soothing sound of the rain

With a cooling white noise for a fevered brain

Take seeing two magpies but one of them was dead

Is this sorrow or joy for a superstitious head?

A creeping dread

Looping music round my head

Dragging half-baked dreams and premonitions round my bed

But then the fog lifts and I’m happy today

I can be that acolyte today

Feel fey / get led astray

dance the full length of Mancunian Way

And maybe just..

stop all the clocks and live life in a day


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