It’s a muffin It’s a muffin its a muffin I’d say Till I realised it wasn’t 10 miles away Now its all barms The barm is a manc As dreamt by some benevolent New Labour think tank To market the north we need to be one To knock off the edges and sound like … More IT’S A MUFFIN


Nigel Farage With your duck billed visage Pulling right wing views from a broken fuselage loved by the type of leather faced man Who’ll push at an airport But loathes immigration Who vents his frustration On crime and inflation From a bolt hole in the Mediterranean Ukip, doorstepping old dears Spreading fear with a pint … More #Brexit


I’ve sipped my tea then let it fester Now I search in vain for a wrigleys extra The seminars over but I’m stuck to my seat Preferring death to the “meet and greet” Just how does ‘one’ learn to talk shop stop…(look, listen)  then thoughtfully digest? digress Press the flesh feign genuine interest On a … More NETWORKINGNOTWORKING

Catholic guilt

What does an eight year old confess? I’ve never understood And with umpteen Hail Mary’s does a priest declare you “good”? If currency was catholic guilt I’d be a millionaire And help the girl who got run over cos I never said a prayer Guilt! For every ambulance that’s ever crossed my path Guilt! For … More Catholic guilt